Monday, December 05, 2005

McCain OK with Military Paid News

So am I, and I think there should be more, as long as its the truth! Story from NewsMax:

"If these are accurate stories written by legitimate people then I don't think there's anything wrong with that," McCain told NBC's "Meet the Press."

But the moderator can't handle the truth:

The Arizona Republican's answer clearly disappointed MTP moderator-turned-Leakgate prosecution witness Tim Russert, who asked incredulously: "But here we are trying to teach democracy and freedom of the press and the lack of state-sponsored censorship, if you will, and we're paying Iraqis to print articles?":
McCain shot back: "If these are accurate stories then we should make every effort to get them out. We are in a propaganda war. This is a war for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people as well."

Amen! Nothing wrong with propoganda in wartime, and I think the Pentagon should make an all out effort, including here at home.

Plus, Strategypage tells How Good News Saves Lives