Friday, January 06, 2006

Bring it On

Looks like the US Government may have grounds for indictments against the NY Times, if it so chooses concerning the paper leaking state secrets, according to NewsMax:

With a full-blown Justice Department investigation now underway, Harvey Silvergate tells the Boston Phoenix: "A variety of federal statutes, from the Espionage Act on down, give Bush ample means to prosecute the Times reporters who got the scoop, James Risen and Eric Lichtblau."
Silvergate represented several parties in the Pentagon Papers litigation, a first amendment battle royale that pitted the Nixon administration against the Times, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post 35 years ago. The Watergate scandal's rising tide, however, swamped then-Attorney General John Mitchell, prompting him to abandon plans to prosecute the three papers.
This time, says Silvergate, the White House and the Old Gray Lady appear to be on an unavoidable collision course.

Silvergate is not doing this to satisfy Bush:

To be sure, Silvergate is no fan of the Bush administration - and says the Times was right to blow the lid off the secret surveillance program. He warns that any upcoming prosecution would be the product of "a vengeful White House concerned not so much with disclosure of national secrets as with revelation of its own reckless conduct."

So he says, but I think the security of the nation is at stake, with so many reckless reporters out there who aid the enemy with their actions, whatever the consequences.