Monday, January 02, 2006

Hawaii's Military Buildup

The tranformation of the US Military continues as we beef up the Pacific forces:

The Army's $1.5 billion Stryker Brigade is coming to Hawai'i this year, and with it 300 armored vehicles and 1,000 additional soldiers. Another 1,000 soldiers are arriving for other Army reorganization efforts.

A squadron of eight C-17 jet transports is on the way. The first $200 million cargo carrier is expected on Feb. 8. The arrival will transform Hickam Air Force Base from a mid-Pacific refueling stop into a base for a strategic airlift wing.

With Pacific threats growing, a renewed military relevance is at Hawai'i's doorstep, but the heavyweight on the block, if it comes, will be an aircraft carrier, its air wing of up to 80 aircraft, and assorted escort ships.

My own choice would be Guam. Closer to the Middle East, and China.

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