Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Deafening Silence from the Left

A self-styled woman of color, Michelle Malkin takes issue with Rep. Cynthia McKinney and the "stone-cold silence of Beltway Democrats": a fellow "woman of color," I have been pulled aside by government security agents numerous times for secondary screening at airports over the last few years. I've had my bra straps snapped, my thighs pawed, and my torso wanded. I've had my cell phone tested for bomb residue, my laptop inspected, and my handbags manhandled.
My response was not to go postal or do a Naomi Campbell on the gropers. My response was to ask why they aren't doing more security profiling.
McKinney is spitting venom about "double standards" of justice. But if I had done what McKinney did to the police officer just doing his job, I would be marking time in the slammer.

And says cop bashing is nothing new for the Congresswoman's party:

Contempt for law enforcement is a hallmark of the party of Ted Kennedy, Al Sharpton, Chuck Schumer, Jesse Jackson and the Clintons. New Yorkers won't forget the shameful attack on members of the Albany Police Department honor guard, who were cursed at and spat on by participants in the state Democratic Party convention in 2000.

By keeping quiet, supposedly they offend no one, when actually it speaks volumes for their patriotism, or lack thereof.