Thursday, April 13, 2006

Foxhunting From the Easy chair

This is great by John Burtis. A hilarious critique of opportunistic generals:

Unlike the sea lords noted for the "Admiral's Revolt" in the late 1940s, where the leaders of the US Navy laid their careers on the line to discuss actual strategy and offensive systems following the creation of the US Air Force, the Department of Defense and its civilian leadership, today's decidedly more politic and facile Army hounds are piling on the scrum to beleaguer Mr. Rumsfeld out of raw political expediency...

Today's buffalo hunting generals are a far cry from yesterday's admirals-- currying favor inside the service, never voicing the slightest concern while in uniform, feathering their own nest, then safely tweaking the tails of those in charge when the pension is safely banked away to curry favor with the political party offering the largest and quickest return.
You won't find a Billy Mitchell--willing to state his case on airpower before a court martial and put his career on the line to keep America safe, and who eventually resigned--in this crowd of temperamental fox hounds ready for the chase.

Thanks John, for defending a great American, Don Rumsfeld!