Friday, April 21, 2006

Raptor Vs. Messerschmidt

Will there be enough to tackle future threats, asks Ed Offley:

Because the Raptor ultimately ballooned into a weapon that costs $361 million per copy, even Congress could not stomach the total program cost exceeding $65 billion, Sprey said. As a result, the Air Force is now committed to fielding a fighter program that lacks sufficient numbers to prevail in a major conflict, however effective the individual aircraft may be.
“Hitler had 70 Me-262s in combat,” Sprey said. “They were crushed by the force of 2,000 inferior P-51s that the United States had in the air.”

I've always wondered about this too. China has how many fighter versus our 180 Raptors?

(The photo is of a US P-47 Thunderbolt and an F-22 Raptor)