Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Democrat's Way of War

This is from Human Events Online:

No more tough investigations of terrorists. We will simply be satisfied with only that information the terrorists voluntarily offer. No more FBI working with the CIA or NSA, just as prior to 9/11. No more searches, as it is “profiling.” No prosecution of government workers revealing to the world our secrets—in fact, we will award them as “patriotic” whistleblowers as claimed by liberals.
No more standing up for our “cowboy” soldiers on the battlefield who are defending themselves against the terrorists—agreed, we are only as good as how well we treat the enemy.
No pre-emption. We will wait until millions of Americans have been incinerated by a smuggled- in nuclear bomb from Iran, and only after we’ve been attacked will we respond. Millions of us might be dead, but our no-preemption policy will show we were more “moral.” No more phone data bases or telephone numbers of those possibly contacting sleeper cell operatives waiting here for orders.

This might work-IN LA LA LAND!! Actually, many Democrat's seem to be "Republican lite" on the issue of terrorism. Tough, but just not too tough. Always leave room for negotiation, they say.