Tuesday, May 16, 2006

National Guarding the Border

This is a good start. Seems like Bush is listening once again to his base. From Military.com:

President Bush said Monday night he would order as many as 6,000 National Guard troops to secure the U.S. border with Mexico and urged Congress to give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship, as he tried to build support for a major overhaul of the nation's tattered immigration laws...

The Guard troops would mostly serve two-week stints before rotating out of the assignment, so keeping the force level at 6,000 over the course of a year could require up to 156,000 troops.

This is the way to go. Plug the dike and then we worry about bailing water.

Also, I reject those who say our Guard is already stretched thin with commitments in Iraq. It was there for hurricane Katrina and should easily accommodate 6000 on our porous borders.

Plus, the Washington Post has a positive take on the President's speech last night, which has me a little worried...