Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Air Force Times Troop-hating?

This astounding story is reported by Judi McLeod:

Air Force Times journalists have made it clear that they don't bother with news releases from "somebody on the right" who is "supporting the troops".
When the Sacramento Bee comes out with an "expose" against Move America Forward on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, what's their motive?

...The answer should startle millions of readers, some of whom are parents and spouses of American troops serving in the War Against Terror.
The Sacramento Bee belongs to the same family as The Air Force Times, which is part of the Military Times Media Group that also owns the Space News and Federal Times-owned by the Gannett Company since 1997.
Gannett's largest single shareholder is PCM, or Private Capital Management. PCM is owned by Legg Mason. Legg Mason is owned by AllianceBernstein, the mutual fund company that is in turn owned by AXA, the French insurance giant implicated in the United Nations Oil-for-Food controversy and run by "the godfather of French Capitalism" Claude BeBear.

Thats a mouthful! I've read the Navy Times for years and it is often critical of the military and the Bush administration, so this doesn't surprise me.

Thanks to John Burtis for the tip!