Thursday, September 07, 2006

Democrats Great Late Summer Offensive

As reported by John Burtis:

First, the whole mountain of frauds, sheet pullings, and manufactured innuendoes in the Valerie Plame case were finally laid to rest, when the idiocy of the entire affair was shown to be nothing more than a sheer political witch hunt, motivated by a base prevaricator, abetted the bandicoots in the press, and carried out by a prosecutor who knew all along that the whole thing was a humbug.
And the Democrats were suddenly forced to "put the whole thing behind them," with the complete denouement of this three-year assault on the Presidency, replete with mea culpas being issued from the very newspapers who had egged the likes of a calumniating Chuck Schumer along.
Still reeling from the collapse of this last and greatest attack of all time on President Bush, last Sunday Rick Santorum, awakening from what was earlier called a Democratic statewide cake walk of incredible proportions, trounced Bob "Huckabuck" Casey unmercifully in a debate on Tim Russert's Meet the Press....
Then, the great late summer offensive on Donald Rumsfeld's position began to falter, while under the brilliant generalship of such notable field commanders as Joltin' Joe Biden of Delaware.

I'm sure they aren't throwing in the towel yet. Expect much "fake but accurate" news from the MSM.