Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's the Left's Fault!

Democrats like to blame Bush for our MidEast woes, as well as why so many world-wide are anti-American. A new book called The Enemy at Home places the blame squarely on Liberals:

(author Dinesh) D’Souza shows that liberals—people like Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Bill Moyers, and Michael Moore—are responsible for fostering a culture that angers and repulses not just Muslim countries but also traditional and religious societies around the world. Their outspoken opposition to American foreign policy—including the way the Bush administration is conducting the war on terror—contributes to the growing hostility, encouraging people both at home and abroad to blame America for the problems of the world. He argues that it is not our exercise of freedom that enrages our enemies, but our abuse of that freedom—from the sexual liberty of women to the support of gay marriage, birth control, and no-fault divorce, to the aggressive exportation of our vulgar, licentious popular culture.

I totally agree with this theory. Just listen to some of the jihadists reasoning for hating us and you often come up with the term "moral corruption". This is why America needs to pray.

Thanks to James Taranto for the tip!