Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Air Force plans aerial tanker award in 2007. Bigger than an AirBus!

Precision Projectile Hits Moving Tank. Plink one T-72!

South Korea Develops Cruise Missile. Cheaper than NK ballitic missiles, but equally deadly, maybe more so.

Army to Test Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle. Take that Arab oil!

Mighty F-35 Lightning 2 Engine Roars To Life. Most thrust ever from a fighter.

Navy Slashes Aviation Budget. So they can pay for new aircraft carriers, no doubt.

"Extreme Range" Cruise Missile Pondered. Maybe as a bomber replacement?

Drones, Blimps Lose Out in Border War. Boeing says no!

Sri Lankan Navy Sinks 11 Tamil Tiger Ships. Truly a "Global" War on Terror.

Israel Navy eyeing new US warship. Everyone wants an LCS!

Newest Iranian PT Boat. Article taken with a grain of salt.

First Littoral Combat Ship Christened. Cool launching!

German warships head to Lebanon. Should Israel be worried?