Friday, September 15, 2006

Why They Hate Us

Terrorist and dictators are easy to understand. They hate us because of our love for freedom and our aggressive policy of spreading American ideals to the world’s long-suffering people. Liberal Democrats are much more complicated; who you think would join President Bush in this endeavor to spread equal rights to women and minorities, as well as helping the poor and encouraging religious freedoms. Instead, liberals in America and socialists democracies in Europe attack and demean the President at every turn. The reason of course is because Bush is not attacking countries specifically, but oppressive regimes and governments, and this is where liberals and conservatives part company. To the Left the government is sacred above all else, even individuality and liberty. This is why Democrats can sympathize with oppressive dictators such as Saddam, Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro, because they are fellow laborers in the struggle for socialism and secularism. They can appear on TV with such evil men, praising their stand against “Evil America”, while ignoring the abject poverty and repression of the average citizens by these very rulers.

Meanwhile, the downtrodden and oppressed love America, our freedoms, and way of life. Take for example, the people of Iraq, who spontaneously burst into celebration at the fall of their long-time oppressor, Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats, preparing for the 2004 elections, began calling it “an illegal war”, and claimed Bush lied to get us into Iraq. Liberals are actually for war, as long as it starts from the inside and works its way out. This is why it’s so easy for them to support deranged war protestors such as Cindy Sheehan or filmmaker Michael Moore. As long as leftists attack a conservative government, it is an oppressed people rising up against their dictators. But when a conservative president launches war against another socialist, he is a “warmonger” and “like Hitler” in attacking a weaker power. Americans are in danger of losing support of the worlds oppressed, such as the long-suffering masses in Iran and North Korea, especially if we abandon Iraq to the Islamic fascists. While liberals were dancing in the streets over 30 years ago at the fall of Saigon, another spike was nailed into the coffin of liberty. We must not allow this tragedy of history to occur again.