Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bush backs Hastert

Our President having more backbone than some people:

President Bush and other Republicans defended House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert yesterday against Democrats and conservatives who have called for his resignation over the handling of sexually explicit Internet messages former Rep. Mark Foley wrote a teenage boy who had worked as a congressional page. "I know Denny Hastert, I meet with him a lot," Mr. Bush said yesterday. "He is a father, teacher, coach, who cares about the children of this country." Mr. Bush said he was "disgusted" by Mr. Foley's behavior and said he supports Mr. Hastert's call for a full investigation. "I'm confident he will provide whatever leadership he can to law enforcement in this investigation," he said.

The Dems under Clinton invented the "culture of corruption". Who are they to point fingers? As Ben Shapiro writes Foley shames Republicans, but would do Democrats proud.