Monday, October 09, 2006

Clinton's October Surprise

John Burtis' lethal pen details how Clinton rescues the Democratic Party again, maybe:

Their October surprise, this fall, is a sad sorry assault made up of the desperate mewlings of a Republican representative toward what now appears to be an 18 year old man, if half of what passes for news can be accepted as truth-- released in a concerted campaign with the progressive media - an assemblage who are merely following the orders of the Clintons out of fear, who broadcast the tarted up assemblage as news without a bit of investigation.
When viewed in a historical light, their great heralded early autumn offensive is nothing more than another mournfully vicious attack based on what passes as morality. But in the supremely distorted reality of the Democratic/Clinton lens, it is nothing more than a tool designed to destroy another man, another youth, and whoever else gets in their way, with the aid and comfort of the Party and the press.
The mid-term election is coming and with it is another chance for the long fabled return to power for the Democrats.