Friday, October 06, 2006

Discontent Among Black Democrats

Their Party is too busy chasing scandals to notice. Story is from the Washington Times:

The Baltimore Sun yesterday reported that Maryland's 10 black state senators met last week with Mr. Cardin and Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, the Democratic nominee for governor, to register complaints that the party's top candidates for statewide office are white men. The black senators, dubbed the "Committee of Ten," told Mr. Cardin and Mr. O'Malley, who are both white, that they are hearing about discontent among their constituents over the party's lack of diversity. The group also met with Terry Lierman, chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party. "There's a hue and cry out there of disillusionment based on what happened in the primary," said state Sen. Joan Carter Conway, Baltimore Democrat.

Are Democrats increasingly alienating their base? We'll see...