Monday, October 02, 2006

The Great October News Blackout

That's what's happening at my house as we plan not to watch TV News for a whole month, especially since mainstream news has become a propaganda tool of the Democrat Party. Even my beloved Fox News will not be tuned in throughout the Blackout. I'm expecting an increase in leaks and scandals, mainly aimed at Republicans who only feel they are doing the right thing: taking the offensive against the perpetrators of 9/11. I'm not trying to start a movement here, just making a stand against what is an out-of-control culture of doom and gloom that has little bearing on the real world. I will still get news from the internet, where I can at least filter what I read. Plan to spend alot of time on official military websites, such as and where I can get true stories from the War on Terror. Plus I'll be checking out my favorite blogs such as and I'll keep you posted to how its working out.