Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is the President Listening to Me?

Concerning the newly released US National Space Policy, probably not. But in my article for last week I called for an increase in military use of space citing:

Americans should get over their fear of the militarization of space. No other government agency in recent decades has so transformed itself to changing times as the US Military, as proved in its dramatic rebirth in Operation Desert Storm after the debacle of Vietnam.

Here's the President's take:

The report lists four basic goals: develop space professionals; improve space system development and procurement; increase and strengthen interagency partnerships; and strengthen and maintain the U.S. space-relate science, technology and industrial base.
In the national security subsection, the document spells out the right to use space to support forward-based military missions, calling on the U.S. to "develop and deploy space capabilities that sustain U.S. advantage and support defense and intelligence transformation."
An unclassified 10-page summary of the report also lists goals for commercial space, civilian space, RF spectrum management, space nuclear power, international cooperation and space security classification.

I also called for the utilisation of space nuclear power, or other more efficient forms of propulsion which can produce sustained speeds in space, thereby hastening its exploration.