Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Beginning of the End for Chavez?

Interesting analysis from the American Thinker:

The ruling Chavistas are in a panic. They do not know what to do.
Chavez himself mocked the protestors Tuesday and implied they were CIA agents -
but Venezuelans noticed that he spoke from the naval airport near
Caracas, a place from where dictators are known to flee the country. Venezuelans
wondered if he was really that scared because it was an odd location. Meanwhile,
other Chavistas have bared their fangs at other TV stations, vowing to shut
them - Globovision, the last Venezuelan dissident station, a very tiny
one that takes subscriptions and commands only a 5% market share, and CNN,
whose fearless Kitty Pilgrim and others have done award-worthy reporting
exposing the reality of Chavez's Venezuela for the past few years. Chavez
has loudly cursed that reporting.

This could be Chavez' death knell, though its too soon to tell. He at least must be getting worried. Had he acted decisively and nipped the anarchy in the bud, he might have saved himself. I keep waiting for Venezuela's Boris Yeltsin to get on his bullhorn, but looks like the country is full of Yeltsins!