Thursday, May 31, 2007

Climatologist Generals

Gerd Schroeder in the American Thinker responds to retired generals who were asleep on their own watch, and wants us to ignore Islamic Fascism again:

While the true emerging threat was in asymmetric war or terrorism,
these climatologist generals were focused on, and caused the military to devote
manpower and resources mostly to massed armored and mechanized formations
rolling through the Folda Gap in Germany, along with strategic bombing.
These same generals resisted addressing the rising threat of urban warfare,
terrorist warfare, and other "hugging" methods of combat that mitigated the
might of a technologically advanced and superiorly resourced and trained
military's overmatch capabilities.
While General Zinni preached
containment of Iraq in the late 1990s, Al Qaeda prepared and launched several
attacks from General Zinni's area of responsibility in the central

Many is the Pentagon wants to repeat this mistake, but focusing all our sparse resources on Guam against China, while our priorities should be terrorism emerging from the Third World, from Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Global Warming seems to be a distraction from the real threat to our security. While we try to combat acts of God, socialists are suing the issue to create more government and less freedom. Seems to be working out for them.

Plus, Don Surber reports on "Global Cooling".