Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trouble for Chavez

Has the Venezuelan Dictator gone too far by shutting down a popular TV station? Publius Pundit reports with photos and links:

Students went on strike all over Venezuela today, shutting
down every major university in the name of free speech. El Universal
reports that it's about eight big ones with all
the kids marching onto OAS headquarters to urge the hemisphere's
democracy-certifier to grow a spine. Miguel has a
about what he saw in the streets, as well as
photos. It sounds like turmoil and now troops have
opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas to
break up the protests.

These began last night - they are well chronicled by Jim at
here - and have extended through to today.
Megaresistencia, citing Union Radio, reports that numerous students at Simon
Bolivar University were injured in tear gas and rubber bullet attacks by
Chavista troops

The people must fight for their freedom, and often alone, though I know President Bush is for them as he has been for other oppressed nations over the years. This could be the first crack in the dictator Chavez's socialist paradise. Stay tuned...

Also, Old Controller, here in SC reports:

And while looking for links and material, I found this, posted at Michael Moore's website on July
15, 2006:

"The media is far freer in Venezuela than it is here in
the US. Stations after station are hostile to the Chavez government even openly
calling for his overthrow at times."

Not anymore they aren't.

Imagine Bush doing this. Sorry, never happen, but keep hope alive Lefties!

Also, this just in: Venezuela to sue CNN. Like Cindy Sheehan, Chavez is turning his best friends against him.

More:Libertas calls Chavez "Danny Glover's Producer".