Saturday, May 26, 2007

Venezuelans march against closure of TV station

This must be very disappointing to Danny Glover. From Reuters:

Tens of thousands of Venezuelan protesters marched on Saturday to
the Caracas headquarters of an anti-government television station, which is
being forced off the air after President Hugo Chavez's administration refused to
renew its broadcasting license.
Waving flags with the logo of RCTV,
demonstrators packed the streets of the capital where news anchors and soap
opera stars slammed the imminent closure of the opposition channel.
"What is
happening here is simply the silencing of a television station," shouted soap
opera actress Gledys Ibarra.
The government is not renewing RCTV's license
after 53 years on the air because of accusations that the broadcaster
participated in a bungled 2002 coup against Chavez, incited violent
demonstrations and aired immoral programming.

Hugo Chavez version of the Fairness Doctrine.

Update: Lots of photos from Publius Pundit.