Thursday, June 21, 2007

“Bitter mistakes of historic proportion”.

That's what at least one Iranian newspaper is describing Hamas' takeover of Gaza, according to Meir Javedanfar at Pajamas Media:

To be sure, the piece lists what it calls “Fatah conspiracies
against Hamas” and how the West supported Fatah’s anti-Hamas activities. However
it also looks askance at Hamas’s excessive use of force, such as gagging and
bounding Fatah operatives, and then throwing them off 14th floor balconies.
According to Baztab, such acts will serve to silence Hamas supporters and damage
its standing in Palestinian society.The fact that such questions are openly
being raised by the mouthpiece of a powerful ex-military official such as Mohsen
Rezai, who is also the deputy chairman of the Expediency Council, shows that
alarm bells have started to ring in Iran.

And hope-fully push more Muslims currently straddling the fence, into the pro-democracy, pro-American camp. Everything, of course, hinges on the Battle of Iraq, and the success of the Surge.