Monday, June 04, 2007

Brazil Calls Chavez "Cheap Hitler"

Gateway Pundit has the roundup of news from Venezuela:

It looks like his neighbors are starting to wise up...Leaders from
both sides of the Brazilian Congress spoke out against Hugo Chavez after his
attack earlier in the week.
Jungle Hut reports this news from MercoPress:
In a special session Friday,
Brazilian Congressional leaders from the ruling coalition and opposition
referred to Chavez as a “cheap Hitler and Mussolini” a “dictator in disguise”
and a threat “to peace in the continent”.Senate president Renan Calheiros said
that if “a head of state can’t tolerate or live with democratic protests,
probably he’s against democracy”.

Plus the OAS weighs in, and British Lefties get defensive. Check it out!

Looks like after taking so many cheap shots at President Bush, the world is realizing what a real dictator is and what he does. First, a tyrant doesn't liberate other countries and encourage democracy and free speech...