Monday, June 18, 2007

Dems Lament "Do-Nothing Congress"

This is reported by Reuters. Got to love it!:

"If Democrats fail to reverse course, the dynamics in the 2008
elections may shift significantly, allowing Republicans to run as the party of
change ... only two years after Democrats successfully campaigned on that same
theme," Senate Republican leaders told their ranks in a letter last

"The primary reason is war," said James Thurber of American
University's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies.
But there are
other reasons. "People have problems in their lives and they don't see the White
House or Congress dealing with it," Thurber said.
A Quinnipiac University
poll this month found Congress with an approval rating of just 23 percent.
"People voted for change. But they don't think they got it," said Peter Brown,
an assistant director of the poll.

This is very interesting. Here we are in the first stages of an election cycle and both political groups, Left and Right, are dissatisfied with their Parties. One sites the war as reason, the other, spending, immigration, ect. This is going to be a very interesting election in 2008.