Monday, June 18, 2007

The Essential Blogger

Ace of Spades details why the "pajamas media" is so important today:

It's always been my contention that the most important
function of blogs was to let people know that, despite the official
pronouncements from the media and their supposed representatives, their views
were actually, in many cases, the majority view, and so they should not act
meekly as if they were a small minority doomed to lose but should rather fight
like the mainstream representatives of the majority, destined to win, they
really are.
That's how the media and political establishment conspire to push
unpopular legislation on the public -- by convincing them their views are
marginal and could not possibly win, and, in fact, are "extremist" and therefore
things to be kept quiet about in secret shame....

Without some method of national, rapid, widely disseminated
messaging, how could millions of people be alerted to the fact that they were in
fact the majority and not just a "small group" of "noisy" "extremists" who
"don't want what's best for America," as the MSM and Republican leadership
itself is telling them?

I once heard Col. David Hunt give an ego-smashing speech on how bloggers will never have the audience of the MSM or their influence. He may be right, but its been proven we influence the media, and more recently politicians in Washington. Good enough reason for me and you to keep on posting.