Thursday, June 21, 2007

"The largest offensive operation in Iraq since 2003"

Thats how Bill Roggio describes this new counterattack against the forces of Al Qaeda and Al Sadr holding the nation hostage:

Operation Arrowhead Ripper the assault on Baqubah, kicked off with
an air assault. Iraqi Army scouts accompanied elements of the 3rd Stryker
Brigade Combat Team of the 2nd Infantry Division. The operation in Baqubah is
modeled after the successful operation to clear
Tal Afar in September of 2005, which was designed
and executed by Col. H.R. McMaster. The plan is to essentially "seal, kill, hold
and rebuild." The city is cordoned, neighborhoods are identified as friendly or
enemy territory, the neighborhoods are then segmented and forces move in with
the intent to kill or capture the enemy. As both
Michael Gordon and Michael
reported from Baqubah, the goal isn't just to clear
the city of insurgents, but to trap and kill them in place. The combat
operations are then immediately followed by humanitarian and reconstruction

Our thought and prayers are with our brave warriors. This is the terrorists' Waterloo.