Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Note: I gather together so many links for my 2 groups, Ultimate Warships! and Precision Strike!, that I've decided to add an additional link posting for another day. Stay tuned military fans later in the week for the debut of SeaLinks here on New Wars!

Prowlers Vs. IEDs.

Top Military Spenders, Arms Exporters.

Darpa Builds LANdroids.

Mach 6 Spy Plane in the works.

Conventional ICBM not dead.

'Military plan against Iran is ready'.

Brits want increased defense spending.

Israel's Robo Pill Boxes.

Teddy Bear robot rescues wounded troops.

"Bull" High-Threat Vehicle Introduced.

Helikite aerostat for littoral ships. And for photos, here.

Trying to save the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle.

Alternate Engine Could Spur Fewer JSF Buys.

Improved Small Diameter Bomb Tested.

Brits, Israel team up on UAVs.

Missiles everywhere.

Accidental Discovery Aids In EFP Protection.

Airpower in Iraq on the Rise.

Iraq Marines Build Airfield for ‘Osprey’.