Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Operation Phantom Thunder (The Surge) Factsheet.

"Mad Max" vs. Taliban?

Cougar: The Super Humvee.

Military Transformation Links from Winds of Change.

Buy One NH90, Get a Tokey Free.

Prop Planes Vs. Insurgents.

Mexico's Ehecatl UAV.

Special Forces unit learns 'Horsemanship 101'.

Sandia Supports Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon.

Russia Does UAVs Differently.

The ace in the hole for Marines on the ground.

Mastiff a hit with British troops.

Murtha versus Future Combat.

Land Warrior back from the dead.

Airborne Laser Aircraft Slated to Provide Missile Defense.

Supersonic Missile to Indian Army.

USAF presses control of UAVs.

Germans Want Grizzly MRAP.

Army Pushing to Accelerate New Armored Vehicles to Theater.

French Test-Fires Sub Ballistic Missile.

Study: F-35's short range a handicap.

Israel's laser-homing mortar bomb.

French AASM Precision Weapons unveiled.

The CIA releases "Family Jewels".