Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nancy Supports the Canadian Troops!

There she goes again. Hmmm... Why is it that Republicans are perceived as more knowledgeable on defense matters than the Dems? It could be because the Right knows the difference between ours and theirs. Picture and story via Michelle Malkin:

Looks like the Democrats are still using webmasters who don’t have
a clue what American troops look like–and they are working in Nancy Pelosi’s
McQ at Q&O has the screenshots (which are
likely to disappear soon, if Pelosi’s staff is awake today). The one above comes
from the front page of
Pelosi’s official speaker’s website.

Not the first time this has happened, you may recall. I love Canada, and their brave warriors are currently kicking Taliban butt in Afghanistan, but please, Mrs. Speaker, let the Great White North take care of their own! Its nice you're looking out for them, but that's not what you're getting paid for.