Friday, June 01, 2007

Revolting Republicans

I know I've used the above analogy before, though not with conservatives, but like Mark Noonan, I'm a little miffed with those on the Right who bash the President just because they don't agree on every issue. Mark writes:

It is easy to kick a man when he's down - and President Bush
is down; no doubt about it, he's the most unpopular President we've had since at
least Carter, and perhaps Nixon. According to
Rasmussen, the President's approval among
"adults" is 36%...which means that if a vote were taken today, then President
Bush would score only 41 to 46% of the vote.
Of course, 36% of the American
people translates into more than 100 million people - which is why we are able
to sustain the war via volunteerism...

But to say he's not conservative or that he's not one of us
because he's done something you disagree with? That takes a high degree of
self-regard - an egoism which is alien to genuine conservatism.

And I say:

For those who plan to cancel their membership in the GOP over their
Party’s apparent support for amnesty and seeming indifference toward illegal
immigration, my question to you is: what’s your alternative? After many on the
Right abandoned the Republicans last year at the polls, effectively handing the
election to Democrats and the Leftist agenda, how is the new Congress furthering
your cause for border security?

That was this week's oped, Don't be Side-tracked by Immigration. I completely disagree with Bush on immigration, and I think this new Bill is tantamount to amnesty for illegals. But the President's tough stand on terrorism, which is THE vital issue of this decade, covers a multitude of missteps, in my view. We can't afford to lose this one folks.

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