Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time for a New Party?

Mark Tapscott seems to think so:

The public appears to have concluded both major political parties
and their respective leaders in Washington are simply hopelessly out of touch. A
President Thompson might enjoy the appearance of achieving real change for a few
months after being inaugurated, but it would soon become evident that such
changes are only coming on the margins.In other words, the moment may be
approaching for an independent, trans-partisan political party, a citizens party
if you will, to assume the initiative. Or maybe no such movement will appear and
instead the current system will simply continue and the nation will continue its
current slide towards the entitlement culture's inevitable economic

He may be right, but I have to question the timing. We are currently in a very tough fight against Islamic Fascism, with many losing the will to fight on, thanks to the daily media death watch. Then there's our continuing troubles on the border in which some on the right are jumping ship from their Party. Maybe we should all take a few steps back and hope Washington will come to its sense, once the smoke clears.