Monday, June 04, 2007

Troops to Dems: Stop Supporting Us!

Spencer Ackerman in the Washington Monthly argues the Left's strategy of "support the troops, not the war" isn't working:

Haunted by Vietnam, Democrats are determined to express
support for the troops. This is admirable. The truth of the matter, however, is
this: many troops in Iraq, perhaps even most of them, want to stay and fight.
That doesn’t mean that we should stay in Iraq any longer. It does mean, however,
that if Democrats want to bridge the divide between themselves and the
military—an effort further complicated by their opposition to the war—they’re
going to have to recognize that arguing in the name of the troops isn’t going to

In short, for many troops in Baghdad, the surge had brought a
significant boost in morale. When I rode along with the 57th on patrol, they
were experiencing the strange comfort of “boring” days without any enemy
attacks—so much so that one gunner even admitted to mixed feelings about the
lack of combat. After a period of prolonged catastrophe, the sense that events
had shifted in favor of the U.S. came as a great relief.

If you read on, you find this an amazing story, and not in a good way. The author suggests that the Dems can't argue against the amount of hope and heightened morale brought on by the Surge, so perhaps they should join in the alternate ( and false) reality of gloom and doom emanating from the MSM, and their radical supporters at Daily Kos. "Just close your minds and repeat:'the War is lost, the War is lost...'"