Saturday, June 16, 2007

War Reporting

W. Thomas Smith Jr. compares a war we are told we are losing, to one we clearly won:

Then let's compare today's page-one story (for zillions of major
web-based publications) of the crash of a single Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon,
with the loss of 54 Army Air Forces B-24 Liberators (out of 178 aircraft) during
the daring Ploesti Raid of World War II on August 1, 1943.
The raid's
target(s) were the Ploesti oil fields in Rumania, which were believed to be
supplying upwards of 60 percent of Germany's crude oil: A fact that prompted
USAAF Brigadier General Uzal Ent to say, "If nobody comes back, the results will
have been worth the cost."
Five-hundred thirty-two men out of 1,726 did not
come back. Of the actual planes that survived the raid, only 31 were able to fly
the next day...

Today however, one of the top news stories being reported from a
war which we are supposed to be losing, was the story of the loss of one

I had a Democrat supporter tell me once that the death of a single soldier was too many. Yeah. Glad our fore-fathers who gave their lives for freedom never considered this.