Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why I still support Rudy Giuliani

I think I understand why everyone likes Fred Thompson, because he hasn't done anything for anyone to complain about. Though Mr. Thompson has some good ideas, (I'm pretty impressed with his ongoing radio programs) the fact is other than his acting experience he really doesn't have much of a claim to the mantle of a "New Reagan" which conservatives are too hastily bestowing on him.

In contrast, a sure and steady candidate is consistently defending America against those who've forgotten 9/11 and would disparge our War effort in Iraq and elsewhere. Just last night at the CNN Republican Debate, the former mayor was quick to justify our troops' noble and essential mission of taking down dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003. When asked the question "was it right to invade Iraq?" He boldly declared "It's unimaginable that you’d leave Saddam in power while fighting a war on terror." In the last debate on Fox, he swiftly rebuked candidate Ron Paul on the latter's claim that our Middle East policies caused terrorist attacks on our country.

You hear alot of about Thomspon, but don't see much (will he run, won't he?). With Rudy, you already know what you're getting, even with his faults. I constantly hear that conservatives won't vote for Rudy because of his pro-abortion stance, but this seems to be coming mainly from the Left-wing dominated Media. See him speaking at any conservative function and he's the star attraction. Americans like tough-talking, truthful politicians, and Rudy's more than proven himself over the past few years, especially during his courageous stand for New Yorkers on September 11.

I don't have to agree with a politician's every issue to support him. I think George Bush has done an excellent job with the prime issue of this decade, the threat from Islamic Radicals. His free-spending ways and support of amnesty for illegal aliens is another matter. But his standing up to the terrorists who killed 3000 innocent Americans covers a multitude of mistakes, in my opinion.

Giuliani's domestic record speaks for itself as well. He's been proven to cut taxes and crack-down on crime. If Rudy can save the cess-pool that was the Democrat controlled New York I remember from the 1970's and 80's, imagine what he can do with the whole country!

Maybe I'm wrong about Fred Thompson. Perhaps he's everything the Right blogosphere is making him out to be. Its just with Giuliani, there's no wondering or doubt. If he's elected in 2008, expect America to continue the greatness begun by Ronald Reagan, the Republican Revolution, in contrast to the Democrat crackup which threatens to carry us back to Jimmy Carter's malaise days.