Saturday, June 09, 2007

Why the Immigration Bill Failed

Its a no-brainer, according to Rasmussen:

The last Rasmussen Reports national telephone poll found that just 23% of Americans supported the
. When a bill has less popular support than
the War in Iraq, it deserves to be defeated.
There is no mystery to why the
public opposed the bill. In the minds of most Americans, immigration means
reducing illegal immigration and enforcing the border. Only
16% believed the Senate bill would accomplish that
...Rasmussen Reports polling found that 72% of Americans believe it’s Very Important to reduce
illegal immigration
and enforce the borders.

And a couple of interesting points:

After ignoring the main point that voters were hoping to
address, Senators should not have been shocked at the public reaction. But they

The United States is a nation of immigrants. It is also a
nation of laws. Voters want to honor both aspects of the national

This was an embarrassing blunder by the government, but I hope a learning experience. They can now redeem themselves by giving us real border security by not simultaneously trying to compromise with people who break our laws.