Monday, August 13, 2007

"The Architect" Leaves at High Tide

Karl Rove resigns, and here is the article from the Wall Street Journal which broke the story. An exert:

He's resigning effective Aug. 31 -- 14 years after he began working
with Mr. Bush on his campaign for Texas governor, 10 years after they began
planning a White House run, and after 79 months in the political cockpit of a
tumultuous presidency.
"I just think it's time," he says, adding that he
first floated the idea of leaving to Mr. Bush a year ago.

Not leaving with his tail between his legs:

He has survived a probe by a remorseless special counsel, and
lately a subpoena barrage from Democrats for whom he is the great white whale.
He shows notable forbearance in declining to comment on prosecutor Patrick
Fitzgerald, who dragged him through five grand jury appearances...
What about
those who say he's leaving to avoid Congressional scrutiny? "I know they'll say
that," he says, "But I'm not going to stay or leave based on whether it pleases
the mob."

We'll miss Karl, but his work was done, in my view, by seeing Bush through the 2004 Election. By ensuring our resolute president reelection as we continue the struggle for our Civilisation against Islamic Radicalism and Liberal apathy, Rove is an unsung hero of our generation. Soon gone, but not soon forgotten.

Update-From the Blogosphere:

Hugh Hewitt says "Democrats have to be worried that when Karl Rive exits the White House in August, he'll take a month off and end up at the virtual elbow of Mayor Giuliani, Governor Romney, or Senator Thompson."

Patrick Ruffini-"For those of us in politics, an operative like Karl Rove comes across once in a generation. The Reagan generation had Lee Atwater. And we had Rove."

Peter Wehner-"Some day books will be written about what a phenomenon of nature this man is. But some day books should be written about what a really fine man he is."

Blogs of War has reaction from the Kos crowd.

Captain Ed predicts "His departure will no doubt be the subject of celebration for the president's most vociferous critics, but I think they'll wind up missing him more than the president's supporters."

Rove as Obi Wan Kenobi, from Macsmind-"Thus, he’s not finished yet, he’ll just be a hell of a lot more powerful. Get ready for Rove Version II."