Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Burdens of General Petraeus

Great stuff on the bold commander of US troops in Iraq, via the Assyrian International News:

Gen. Petraeus must cope with the reality that should a half-dozen,
or perhaps even one, of his some 160,000 soldiers, in the heat of combat, shoot
a wounded terrorist, the damage done could rival losing an entire battle -- a
fact well known to a religiously zealous enemy that feels no such humanitarian
constraints. Radical Islamists may be the enemy, but American forces in the
field must downplay, not accentuate religious differences, if they are to keep
on their side Muslim forces loyal to an elected government.

Read the entire article. He does have the hopes of an entire nation on his shoulders. We pray that his trials may be bearable, and he can soon bring victory over the terrorists.