Monday, August 20, 2007

McCain's League of Democracies

The Senator spoke on the subject to a group of bloggers. This is via the Weekly Standard:

When the questions turned to other hostile regimes--i.e. Syria and
Iran--McCain returned to his proposal for a
League of Democracies. "We
need to get together with other like-minded countries. Every time we try and get
together and doing something at the United Nations, it's blocked by China and
Russia....there's a chance that we could impose meaningful economic diplomatic
and trade sanctions" if we work with new, friendly European governments. He
singled out Sarkozy and Merkel in particular.

I love this idea, as the UN has become so impotent in handling any world problem in the modern age, most notably terrorism, hunger in Africa, and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. The goal of the Useless Nations is taking diversity into absurdity, with dictatorial regimes treated as equal to liberal democracies who actually care about their people.