Monday, August 20, 2007

McCarthyism in the Global Warming Debate

Of course, you remember the McCarthy Era? Senator takes a serious issue, Soviet spies in Washington, inserts rumor, innuendo, exaggerations, and outright lies to further his career. In the end, a former manageable problem makes martyrs out of Leftists and ultimately destroys the Senator's career.

Al Gore and his supporters are the McCarthy's of this era, because they seek to stifle debate and claim unquestionable consensus by scientists on Climate Change. Some have even called for Nuremberg style trials for those who doubt their theories, which brings to mind the career destroying Congressional Investigations from the early 50's. An employee of the Weather Channel called for the decertification of meteorologists who denied the validity of man-made Global Warming, which is similiar the black listing of Hollywood writers due to the HUAC Investigations from the same time period.

Rather than proving a consensus on Climate Change, or even encouraging debate on a real problem, Gore and his intolerant followers are defeating their cause. Americans are quick to reject bullying (which is why we have spent most of our long history in bringing down dictators), as well being adverse to closed minds. While the former Senator and Vice President may be helping his yearnings to the White House by pandering to the Left and Hollywood ( who should know better from history), for most Americans climate change is becoming a non-issue.

*Footnote-A Boston Globe Oped recently mocked Newsweek for suggesting there is a consensus in the scientific community on Global Warming. In an article from 1975, the Left leaning news mag reported on a similar false affirmation on "Global Cooling"!

*More bullying-What does the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict have to do with the Global Warming debate?