Wednesday, August 15, 2007


NY Times:Wrong Way Out of Iraq.

The Dragon Skin Dilemma.

Where Have All The Gunners Gone?

Where an Artilleryman Can Still Make Things Go Boom.

Resurgence of the Nuclear Option.

Russian Nuclear Bombers Hold Exercises Over North Pole.

Air Force Lashes Out at Grunts in New War Manual.

Japan to build stealth jet in five years.

Hybrid in Iraq?

Unmanned "Surge": 3000 More Robots for War.

Predators provide edge in war on terrorism.

Russia To Build Fifth-Generation Fighter Prototype Soon.

Syria Beefing Up Military.

Fight Less, Win More.

Warplanes: The Uncertainty of Old Age.

Inside the Abrams Tank.

F-22s Aimed at North Korea.

Raptors Get Chilly.

Sons of Stryker Spread.

Officials laud unmanned weapons.