Friday, August 17, 2007

Wait for Petraeus Report

Ralph Peters details how our top General in Iraq is winning the war:

First, Petraeus is relentless. The result is that, for the
first time, our military approach has become relentless, too.
In the past,
we followed up military wins by stepping back and hoping that the reduction of
Fallujah or the latest shoot-'em-up with Muqtada al-Sadr's thugs would prove
decisive... Petraeus changed the rules, and God bless him for

The second quality is his leadership style. Micro-managers
lose control in war. While Petraeus is interested in every detail and spends
plenty of time on the ground with tactical commanders, he assigns missions,
gives the essential guidance - then trusts subordinates to do their jobs.
Previous U.S. commanders worried about the wrong things, and they worried
all the time. Petraeus is concerned about the one thing that matters:

Currently there seems to be a lot of rumors about the September 15 report the general is to give to Congress, one being that Petraeus is not even giving the report. Expect many such myths to emanate from our current hysterical media and blogosphere. My advice though: Wait for it!