Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sanford Vs. the Good Old Boys

Fred Barnes has an excellent article in the Weekly Standard on SC's maverick Governor Mark Sanford:

...Sanford is a unique governor, not given to the normal give
and take of governing. He's idealistic and principled and visionary. He loathes
easy compromise and special interest handouts. He doesn't court or hang out with

Sanford, 47, aims high. He's not only committed to overhauling
the structure of the state government and slashing spending, he also wants to
reform and modernize the state's political culture. Then there's his
breathtakingly ambitious plan to drive his opponents in the legislature out of
office next year by beating them in primary elections. "He truly believes if
you're to begin to change South Carolina, you have to change some of the people
in government," says senate majority whip Jim Ritchie. All this seems an
impossible task, but Sanford is undeterred.

Read the rest of this fascinating story on the attempt to bring Carolina politics into the Modern Age.