Thursday, August 30, 2007

SC Loves Books

While the Media is getting a good belly laugh over Miss South Carolina stuttering her way through a pageant question, a Spartanburg teacher is creating a passion for learning among her students:

Last week marked the second year of Spartanburg High School's
summer reading program, an innovative approach to literacy that is the
brainchild of Kathie Bennett, an international flight attendant and mother of a
local high school student...

Here's how it works: Students pick a book from a selection of
eight and voluntarily read it over the summer. When school reconvenes in the
fall, some of the books' authors visit to read and discuss their work.
extra incentive, students who have finished their books -- and produce a paper
or other project -- are given four points that can be used in any class to raise
their grade. It's a win-win deal, with a bonus lesson in free-market economics.
Work and be rewarded.

I think this is great! One of my teenage nephews has the passion as well, for history just like his handsome uncle! His favorite subject so far seems to be the Classical Greeks, so I occasionally send him books on the subject, just to keep his interests alive.