Friday, August 10, 2007

Sea Links

Run Deep, Run Very, Very Fast.

China: The Deceptive Logic for a Carrier Fleet.

Over $6 billion invested in Canada's Navy.

Judge Rules Against Navy Sonar.

Stealth Goes to Sea.

US Navy Upbeat On Lockheed Littoral Combat Ship After Visit.

Holland to Astute - 107 years of submarine history.

Coast Guard Celebrates Birthday Aboard Comfort.

British Sign Carrier Contract.

Putting DDG-1000 Back in the Box.

Taiwan seeking Aegis destroyers from U.S.

Russian Navy Seeks New Mediterranean Presence.

Robo-Fin Makes Fish-Like Submarines.

Gas Turbine Modules for US Navy's Next Littoral Combat Ship.

Update on Russian Navy Plans.

2 Nigerian ships headed to Brazil.

Turtle Replica surfaces near QM2.

The CB90-A Stryker in the Water.

Strike Carriers for Australia?

Foreign Navies Crucial to U.S. ASW Training.

Chilean Navy recieves four refurbished frigates.