Friday, August 17, 2007

Sea Links

The USCG's National Security Cutters.

New Underwater Vehicles to the Finnish Navy.

China Must Be Transparent on Naval Buildup says US.

The Next 12 Years Matter in Shipbuilding.

Mine Threat to U.S. Ships?

Britain's Stealth Warship Masquerades as Fishing Boat.

Britain's newest destroyer breezes through first sea trials.

Deflector Shields for CVN-21.

Canada to build first Arctic deep-water port.

Russia Fakes Mini-sub Footage.

After Russia and Canada, US ship headed for Arctic.

The Rise of Chile's Navy.

The Long War-Russia and the Russian Navy.

Russia prepares to support Operation Active Endeavour.

Korea Unveils Prototype Flying Ship.

Video: Missile Firing Gone Awry.

Sea Battle at Trincomalee Port.

India as a maritime power.

Fact Sheet on the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship.

Congress doubles submarine production.

British Re-Learn Large Carrier Operations.

Russia's Warship Woes.

China: The Deceptive Logic for a Carrier Fleet.