Friday, August 24, 2007

Sea Links

Costs of Select US Navy Programs as of June 2007.

Meet Japan's New Destroyer (Hint: it's really a carrier!)

NATO ships en route to Cape Town.

U.S. Builds Diesel Subs Again.

Just An Ocean Away: HMS Ocean gets 30m refit.

Second batch of German fuel cell submarines arrives.

The Royal Australian Navy Carrier Strike Squadron?

India orders six Scorpene Subs.

US officials confirm Taiwan Sub Buy.

More Sub Propulsion Sillies.

New destroyers enhance European navies.

John Paul Jones Sharpens Anti-Submarine Skills During Valiant Shield.

Air Force Osprey Goes Navy.

Ruling Allows Navy to Continue Using Low-Frequency Sonar.

Littoral Combat Ship Making Headlines.

Australia plans new submarines.

Russian carrier in full service, says state TV.

Why China Must Rule the Waves.

Video: Russia's Bulava SLBM.

India looks at US Littoral Ships.

How Canada Wins on the Cheap.