Friday, August 31, 2007

Sea Links

Japan recently launched a 13,500 ton "helicopter carrying destroyer" which bears more than a passing resemblence to light aircraft carriers of Western navies.

France Challenges the Royal Navy.

The Great Aircraft Carrier Race Begins.

First LCS mission package ready for delivery.

Aegis BMD info leak in Japan.

Stealthy Land-Attack Destroyer Already Obsolete?

Gulf Navies Make Contingency Plans.

US Navy Eyes the Black Sea.

Commander of Russian Navy Visits USS Bataan.

Little Remus Does the Deed.

High Speed Vessel 2 Swift Conducts Crew Turnover.

Global Fleet Station Salutes Honduran Navy.

From Russia With Love.

Japans Secret Aircraft Carriers.

Koreans fret over Japanese carrier.

Canada's submarines re-emerge as potent international force.

Al Qaeda Hunt in the South Pacific.

Brazilian Sub Visits Mayport on First Deployment to U.S.