Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still 1918 in Iraq

At the start of the New Year I discussed the similarities of 1918 during the Great War with today's War in Iraq. By then the struggle with Germany had continued for 4 brutal years with no end in sight and many in Britain and France turning against the conflict. Within the analogy I wrote:

Somehow, in spite of the odds, the Allies managed to weather the
storms of the New Year including the German offensives that lasted well until
July. By then plans for the counterattack were well underway, with the newly
tested American Army joining in. By August it was apparent the tide had turn
undeniably in favor of the Allies, which inevitably led to the German surrender
on November 11.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Battle of Amiens during that conflict, which has been dubbed as "the black day of the German Army". It was then that General Ludendorff of Germany finally admitted his nation had lost the war; the end was in sight. Likewise the current Surge in Iraq may be considered a major defeat for Al Qaeda in Iraq, as Liberals here at home abandon the anti-war movement, and their former Iraqi allies switch over to supporting the Americans.

Though I won't predict the war may be over by November, certainly as soon as the fall we will see a light at the end of the tunnel.