Monday, August 13, 2007

The Vietnam era is over

If you don't believe me, read this article by Bill Kristol:

It's true that Iraq is an unpopular war. But hostility to President
George W. Bush, or to the war, hasn't spilled over onto the military. A few
weeks ago, the Washington Post Magazine featured an article on the military and
its relationship with the broader society. The cover line was alarmist--"Us and
Them: As mistrust, resentment and misunderstanding grow between the civilian and
military communities, can America wage a just and effective war?" But when you
read the piece, the only place you find mistrust, resentment and
misunderstanding is among some liberal élites. In fact, in most civilian
communities there appears to be pretty unambiguous admiration for the

It is amazing when compared to the last generation's attitude toward service. But if we didn't have protesters, then we couldn't have this great volunteer army which has run rings around almost every foe since the end of the Cold War. Thanks Jane Fonda, though I don't think the restoration of our military was your aim.